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Nothing can stop an idea on when its time has come “Victor Hugo”

BiOceans had the great privilege to dive with a population of pilot whales off the south of the Canary Islands during the crossing to Cape Verde. We were able to swim with them for about an hour in snorkeling and come out this video. The beauty of the marine world reinforces our conviction to continue this adventure and always show you more beautiful pictures !!!

Meet with pilot whales

Tropical Pilot Whales –  Globicephala macrorhynchus

The pilot whale tropical loves the deep waters of temperate and tropical seas. His abysmal probes essentially to find cephalopods on which they feed. Cetacean with a sharpened social sense, it really is not a loner.
The identification of cetacean remains relatively easy. Sometimes it evolves along with dolphins, such as the bottlenose dolphin, but is distinguished by its stature, much larger, and black skin (unlike that of dolphins, usually gray). Its dorsal fin, broad at the base, is located on the anterior half of the body; the head is round and bulbous. The pilot whale, a close relative, is the only cetacean likely to be confused with the finned pilot whale.
A study on people moving in the warm waters off the coast of Tenerife (Canary Islands) has allowed to photograph and list 445 individuals. so we could check his propensity to frequent the deeper waters, about -1000 meters. Typical groups have an average of 10 to 30 individuals, but some bands display a staff of 60 specimens. With a long life expectancy, such as killer whales, it happens that some females exceed 65 years.
Best chance of meeting: Bahamas, eastern Caribbean, the Azores, the waters off Kochi Prefecture (Japan), Tañon Strait in the Philippines and around Hawaii

they did not know it was impossible, so they did  “Mark Twain”